Covid-19 instructions and guidance for all players.

I am pleased to tell you that HTC is open for you to play tennis again as from tomorrow morning - Friday 15th May.

There are obviously restrictions as advised by the LTA, and you should please carefully read the Risk Assessment below, and follow all of its stipulations and requests. These have been carefully thought through and are there for your protection, and the protection of all other players and coaches on court.

For everyone's safety, we will be keeping an eye on how things are working, with a view to making changes to the procedures if necessary. If you do see someone acting in a way that threatens their safety or yours, please email me at martintooth@btinternet.com

We thank those of you who have already rejoined, but to those of you who have not yet rejoined, but would like to play, we say, please rejoin as soon as possible and pay the full subscription rate.

It may be that we have 10 more months of this membership year during which we can play, or it may be that at some time we will have to suspend play again. So we cannot know until February 2021 what is and what is not, a fair sum for all memberships, and will decide at that time whether to offer partial refunds, and if so, how much, or whether to offer membership extensions at no extra cost, or a mixture of the two.

The light boxes have been left open should you wish to put the floodlights on, and we would ask that you do not lock these at any time (should you have a key that fits the locks as it is believed some people do).

There will almost certainly be a pent up demand for court usage, but only 8 people can be on the 4 courts at any one time, so we ask that you book your court slots via Clubspark, and that you book a maximum of 1 hour at any one time. Of course if no-one turns up to use your court once your hour is finished, feel free to carry on playing until someone else does turn up wanting your court. In all cases, once your time is up, please vacate your court quickly.

Risk Assessment and Arrangements for Playing Tennis at Henfield Tennis Club

Access to the courts

• The padlock to the main gate will be reset with a new code that members will be alerted to
• Be aware that other people may have touched this padlock and the gate handle. It is very important that you wash your hands after touching these surfaces
• There will also be a disinfectant spray near the outside tap which can be used to disinfect surfaces such as the padlock and handle on the main gate
• Once inside this gate you will find all the courts open
• The outside gate to the mini-court will be locked until further notice
• When entering and leaving the court areas, please be mindful of other people and respect the 2m distancing
• Please do not bring non-playing friends or family members to the courts (exception will be responsible adults accompanying juniors, limit will be one adult per child or set of siblings, and this restriction also applies to coaching sessions)
• There will not be, and must not be, any furniture or equipment on or around the courts.
• Nets have been adjusted to the correct height and winders have been locked away, please do not make, or attempt to make, any height/tension adjustments
• If you are the last to leave the courts, please ensure that the padlock is locked and the dials turned thoroughly to maintain security

Access to the Clubhouse

• The Clubhouse will be locked until further notice
• Note that this means that there is no access to toilet facilities, kitchen or tennis balls.
• There is a bottle of liquid soap near the outside tap for members to wash their hands. Players should bring their own towel, or paper towel/tissue if required, but must remove used paper towels/tissues from the site
• Be mindful of other people on the patio area in front of the Clubhouse. The slabs are just over a foot long, so as long as you have at least six slabs between you and anyone else, you are fine
• The First Aid Kit and incident book has been moved from the Clubhouse into the Light Shed

Rules for Playing

• Two people can play singles (they do not need to be from the same household)
• Doubles can only be played by people living in the same household
• People not from the same household must each provide their own set of tennis balls*, and these must be clearly marked
• Players must be vigilant to pick up only their own tennis balls. They must not touch or pick up any tennis balls provided by another player
• If your tennis balls stray onto an adjacent court where others are playing, do not run and fetch them. Wait for the other players to either hit or kick them back
• If you decide you want to change ends, change at opposite ends of the net

*If you do not have your own tennis balls then you can buy a tin of new balls from Martin Tooth, who has kindly agreed to be at the Club from 4pm until 4.30pm every Thursday afternoon to provide this service. Please bring correct money (£4 per tube).

Additional Rules for Coaching

• Coaching will always be 1-2-1 and the coach will be stay on one side of the net and the person being coached will stay on the other side of the net
• Players must bring their own equipment and should never touch the balls being used unless the lesson is on serving, in which case the pupil must provide their own, clearly marked balls, and the coach will not touch these
• Coaches are encouraged to use new balls for each session, but this is not essential provided that balls used for coaching are not shared between coaches
• Use of other equipment on court (e.g. cones) will be kept to a minimum and such items will be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, and no such items will be left on court at the end of a session

General Safety/Hygiene Rules/Guidance

• Applies to all on court and to parents/guardians in attendance
• If you have to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or the crook of your arm and wash your hands as soon as possible afterwards, trying not to touch surfaces such as gates with your hands beforehand
• Avoid touching your face with your hands at all times, even if you are wearing gloves

Thank you for taking the time to read and digest this long email, with all its dos and don'ts, there is a copy on the outside notice board at the club if you need to check anything.

In the meantime, enjoy your tennis (nearly all singles of course), and please make a mental note of the new gate padlock code which is in the members area.



Henfield Tennis Club





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We are very proud of receiving this prestigious honour at the Tennis Sussex Awards held at the American Express Community Stadium on 12th November 2016.

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